How to Use

How to use Phiten Tapes

Introducing the Titanium Tapes and Discs. Containing Phiten’s AQUA METAL™ technology, over 1 million units of our titanium tapes and over 1 billion units of our titanium tape discs have been sold.

The roll and precut tape are both permeated with our AQUA TITAN™ technology while the small adhesive discs contain carbonized titanium technology. This technology is the added advantage that separates Phiten tapes from other tape manufacturers and competitors. The tapes and discs are very easy to apply and can be placed almost anywhere on the body for targeted pinpoint accuracy.


What we’ve created is a revolutionary new product that does away with the hassle and the difficult useability of modern tapes. Shown throughout the video are a few examples of where and how the tapes can be placed:

  • Titanium Tape Discs – Application on the knees
  • Titanium Tape Discs – Application on the calves
  • Titanium Tape Precut Strips – Application on the calves
  • Titanium Tape Discs – Application on the ankles
  • Titanium Tape Roll – Application on the lower back
  • Titanium Tape Precut Strips – Application on the triceps
  • Titanium Tape Roll – Application on the shoulders
  • Titanium Tape Discs – Application on the neck

*Please note these are examples only. You may apply anywhere.

We recommend placing the tapes on your skin after being cleaned and dried for maximum comfort and stay. We also recommend that after 2 or 3 days, replace the tapes for hygienic purposes. While the roll is ideal for home use, the discs and precut tape come in a portable package conveniently designed to fit into your gym bag or your purse.

1. Application Tape Discs

Features and tips:

  • Waterproof
  • Air-and sweat-permeable
  • 22mm diameter to perfectly cover area of concern
  • The point patches may simply be put on each spot of the body by yourself.
  • You can place the patches also very well on acupuncture or trigger points.

Available as:


Examples of use:

Tape Map Discs

2. Application Tape Rolls and Strips

Features and tips:

  • Elastic
  • Air-and sweat-permeable
  • Role tapes can be cut to the correct size easily. There´s a scale on the tape´s backside.
  • Apply the tape to the slightly pre-stretched muscle (to improve effects), along the course of the muscle.
  • In addition, the tape can be applied according to the kinesiology method. If the tape comes of at one part, it does not have to be completely removed. Trim this area and leave the rest of the tape glued on your body.


Examples of use:

Tape Mape Strips

Please note

Do not stick on open wounds. When rash, redness or itching remove tape and, if necessary seek for medical advice.

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