The "healing bar" created by our original research and development effectively stimulates the space between the toes. Relieves the muscles connected to the toes.
For those who use their feet, such as those who stand up and walk a lot. Your home every day easy foot care!

Weight 3,9kg

Materials: Body ABS plastic, Cover Polyester, Toe Unit Cover Synthetic rubber.

Washing method - use washing net for the overcover.

Technology Aqua Titan™ Aqua Palladium™ Aqua Titan Silica™

Precautions Those who are prohibited from massage by a doctor due to reasons such as thrombosis (embolism), severe aneurysm, acute varicose veins, various dermatitis and skin infections (including inflammation of subcutaneous tissue), feet Do not use if you have a medical condition, infants or children.

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